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About us

About us

Our company ''Next Day Engineering'' specialises in engine cylinder heads and blocks repairing. We provide welding of aluminium and cast-iron motor heads service for all vehicles and construction equipment, including motorcycles and water motor vehicles.

35 years of experience in metal processing industry let us easily employ new technologies in our job. Clients value our service for High Quality, Efficiency and Delivery.

What is a head skimming?

Cylinder head skimming is a way of refacing the mating surface of the head. The method we use is sometimes called 'fly cutting' which involves mounting the cylinder head on a milling machine which has a fixed head and a moving table. The milling head has a bespoke attachment with a cutter which spins at around 600 rpm, and the table of the mill moves the cylinder head across the cutter. This is probably the most accurate way to resurface a head.

Why skim a cylinder head?

When a cylinder head is removed from the block due to gasket failure, it is essential that you check the head and block for flatness. Generally you'll find that the block is fine due to the size of it and usually being made of steel, but the head may show signs of warping. The way most manufacturers recommend checking the flatness is with a long steel rule or straight edge. Check across the length, across the width of the head and also diagonally from corner to corner.

What heads can we skim?

We can skim most aluminium and cast iron cylinder heads with a maximum width of 200mm, and length of 600mm. The main exception to this is some diesel cylinder heads have a hardened steel insert (see pic) pressed into the aluminium head. These type of head need grinding rather than flycutting as the cutter will just bounce over the insert leaving high spots on the surface. Sometimes it is possible to remove the inserts prior to skimming.

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